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Quantum Hypnosis


Brief description of my work with hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state well known to us from everyday life - every time we feel bliss just before falling asleep but we still hear the sounds coming to us from the environment. Or after waking up, when we still do not want to open our eyes because it is so nice and pleasant when our body is totally relaxed. Have you ever reached your home like just a few minutes passed or you even missed your bus station? Are you wondering where your mind "flew away" and how this time passed so quickly when it usually takes so long? You were in a hypnotic state.

Most of the people I have worked with up now are worried about whether they will wake up or lose their control over their bodies. Nothing like that happens. It is a state of deep relaxation, but not sleep. During hypnosis, we mainly see images just like during meditation, or when we sink into dreams. However, we never lose connection with reality and we are in constant verbal contact with the therapist.

Quantum hypnosis differs significantly from the clinical because the therapist never affects the client in any way, does not program their thoughts, and does not judge. The main goal is to connect them with their subconscious mind, their higher self, and to let it lead the whole process and to present the client what is best for them at the moment. The client will never see anything that could upset them or is not ready for. They are always shown what is most beneficial and what will have a positive and healing nature for their present life.


The therapist uses relaxation techniques and when the client reaches a trance state, asks them to describe what they see, their feelings, and asks them to explain the connection between the scene and their current life. The client himself answers all the questions. The therapist can also connect them with their higher self, which has access not only to all information about the client's soul history and their soul’s plan but also to all details about the entire globe or the universe.

During hypnosis, you can find answers to various, bothering you questions, unexplained events from the past, you can also receive a piece of advice on how to handle your nearest or distant future. Your higher self always shows what is best for you at this point in your life and finds where your problem is rooted.

You can also find solutions to various health problems. The higher self can explain the purpose or the cause of disease and may give instructions to the client on how to deal with it. If the subconscious mind allows them to contact the higher self, they can ask it to scan the client's body and to recognize any ailments. The higher self can also "fix" many of them during hypnosis or to start a healing process that will continue for some time after the session. Then we talk about self-healing.

In general, the possibilities of hypnosis are endless and each session is totally different and unique.

Both, during the energy healing and other quantum therapies, for the session to be successful, the client must be open to the whole process and must approach it without fear. Most importantly, they must want to make a change in their life and to learn the whole truth about themselves. Sometimes the subconscious mind specifically blocks the client's access to the information because it wants to protect them in some way from leaving their comfort zone or seeing things or events that could destroy their current belief system (e.g. a Christian person may have difficulty seeing his previous incarnations). Then it is important to become familiar with the process and gain confidence in the subconscious, which will slowly open to new horizons.

Due to the fact that I do not like to obey any regulations and often restricting rules, I know from my own experience that the best is to listen only to my intuition. That is why I mainly use the BQH technique, where it is allowed to compare hypnosis with other healing techniques and quantum modules (e.g. energy healing during a session, if the client needs it, or channeling information for the client if the subconscious blocks them from seeing a specific scene) and to conduct sessions also via the Internet, what gives us the possibility of healing people around the world and does not expose the client to transport or accommodation costs.

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