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Channeling in my life

Many people ask me what channeling is and how the process of receiving messages looks like. I must admit that I have never participated in any courses or workshops related to it. For me, channeling is a normal thing, a part of my everyday life, since I've been a child. I've always just "known" or "felt" what is true, right, good, and what is not. Additionally, symbolic dreams and contacts with other souls are very common "abilities" in my family, passed on from generation to generation.


I started experimenting with it as a teenager. I worked on the symbolism of my dreams and on "sensing" what would happen in the future. I experienced lucid dreams and my first random astral travels. I got to such a stage that when I woke up every morning, I was able to guess with all details what would happen during that day. It helped me many times and saved me from a lot of trouble.


However, the universe does not divide things into good and bad. It always presents them as they are, it shows the truth. And that period of time it was a stream of really negative events on every possible level of my life. I began to notice that knowing what was about to happen wasn't helping me at all. The opposite I would say - it deepened my overwhelming feelings and heightened my fear. I was too young to handle it and I didn’t know anyone who could guide me. I came to the point where I just preferred not to know anything and have these illusory few minutes of break from all that reality. I blocked receiving downloads for many years.


When, as an adult, I finally felt that it was time to make some changes in my life and I was working on my inner world, my intuition began to knock louder on the door of my consciousness. I slowly started regaining my old abilities. And when I also added meditation practice and self-hypnosis to my daily routine, I started seeing scenes, having visions, experiencing physical sensations in my body, feeling the energy flow, and understanding the presence of other beings.


From the moment I shifted from my mind to the level of my heart, my vibrations were raised enough. I could trust myself and my intuition for good then, and the messages became clear and transparent. I began to notice that I often knew more about other people than they did. When someone was telling me a story, images, or information were immediately appearing in my head.


At first, I was doubting my mental health. However, I trusted it. I just started following blindly what FELT good for me. The mind fought like crazy and often questioned all the messages I received, but my life changed dramatically in a very short time, for the better of course. The downloads were often completely illogical to me. There usually was a real abyss between me and the goal I was shown during meditation. I had no idea how I could get to the other side. However, I went into it. I threw myself into deep water, and surprisingly, it always worked for me. I didn't even notice when I reached my destination.


I started working on the chakras and the energy flow in my body. I also went through a series of activations. Since then, channeling has been an integral part of my life. Although, I often like to turn my personal "Wi-Fi" off and just live in the moment without knowing what's going to happen tomorrow. I like surprises, especially nice ones.

Ways of receiving downloads:

Information comes to me in many different ways:

  • Mostly, I perceive different vibrations which my conscious mind transforms into the appropriate words. It often isn’t easy, because human language (no matter which one!) is very limited, while types of vibrations are endless... I can receive just one sentence, one specific message, but also a whole, several-page text that you can find on my blog.

  • I just know something. I have the impression that the thought or solution just poppes into my head. It happens suddenly, unexpectedly, and at totally random moments.

  • I feel it in my body - it's probably the easiest contact with my intuition when I get a stomach ache if something bad is about to happen, when I chose the wrong direction, and the opposite - I feel my heart chakra expanding when it’s about something good and positive.

  • Visions - I can see scenes during meditation, self-hypnosis, or just during the preparation of my supper. This is my favorite form of channeling because images are extremely vivid and I myself become the main character of a story. I can experience a certain situation, the fact that gives me a deeper understanding and better recognition of my own emotions. It also helps me to relate the scene to my present life and acknowledge its impact on it.

  • Talking to spirit guides, beings from other dimensions, other planets, ancestors, etc. - I restrained myself from doing it a lot because in the society I live, conversations with people who are not physically tangible are considered abnormal and impossible. However, this is the quickest and simplest method of channeling and doesn't even require to close your eyes. I just ask the question and get an answer right away (if I’m ready for it). Yet, it is important to know how to recognize the vibrations that accompany the download in order to be sure that it comes from beings operating on the level of unconditional love or higher.

  • Symbolic dreams, lucid dreaming, astral travels - this kind of downloads come to me mainly while my physical body is sleeping. The soul, however, is free and can travel wherever it pleases or connects to any beings on other dimensions. It often returns with a bunch of information, important in my present life.

Image by Dyaa Eldin

Helping others

Some time ago, I was asked to use my abilities to help others.
I always recommend hypnosis first, where someone can see the truth with their own eyes, experience it, and connect with their higher self to find answers to all questions. However, channeling can be just as helpful, especially for people who have difficulty relaxing, seeing scenes (e.g. while meditating), or when they are more in their logical mind. There is a huge group of people who still cannot totally trust their own intuition and the guidance of the universe. Yet, they can ask for help others who have already established their contact with the source and are able to “channel” information on an ongoing basis. It is a quick method and requires absolutely no details from the personal life of the client. They can just ask specific questions and I connect with my/their higher self who shows me the answers in the form of scenes or I receive direct downloads.


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