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Energy Healing


Brief description of my work with energy

There are many energy healing techniques available nowadays, but they all have
the same goal and purpose – allowing energy to come straight from the source and to pass to the person who needs it.


There can be several reasons to choose such kind of solution – mostly physical health problems and the need to receive channeled messages or activations at a deeper, soul level. You can find plenty of specialized articles about this topic on the internet. I strongly encourage you to do your own research if you are looking for more detailed explanations.


On this website, I describe only my own, selected experiences, presented from my point of view.


A healer is a common term used for a person working with energy to heal other people. Personally, I am not a fan of this name because a person who uses these techniques simply becomes a channel for the incoming energy and allows it to flow through them to the client. They are just a tool. Energy is everywhere, available for everyone who needs it and asks for it. You do not need to have any special abilities or skills to use energy in your healing practices.

Healing is always self-healing. It is only the client’s decision about whether the session will be successful or not. They must decide to accept the energy and they must be willing to get well. Due to the fact that everyone on Earth has free will, they decide about their own physical and even mental health. In their hands is whether they want to accept healing energy or not. Otherwise, the energy returns to the source. It’s never lost. 

Despite the fact that I have completed several energy healing workshops and seminars, I personally do not follow and use any specific techniques. I just surrender to the divine, the universe and I let my intuition guide me. Each session, even with the same person, is totally different. The key here is a peaceful, calm, balanced mind and high vibrations. While being in a state of meditation during the session I can see what is happening in the client’s body and how the energy is affecting them. I can also see other scenes or receive channeled information and advice that are important for that person and their healing process.


Other beings, such as light beings, my twin flame, or other forms of conscious energy may appear during a healing session, offering their help. Once, during meditation, I was shown a technique of two channels (healers) that connect their hearts and hands and allow true unconditional love and source energy pass through the client. When working with my twin flame I often see myself connecting to the central sun and him connecting to the Earth, as he is more grounded and I’m more intuitive, and both energies, together with unconditional love, are passing through the client. In my experience, these kinds of sessions are the most powerful and effective.


I mostly conduct distance healing sessions. No special client preparation is required before the session. I can only ask them to lie down, relax, and observe their body. They may experience some sensations, such as warmth, pressure, or temporary pain during the healing process. I also connect the client with the source and the center of the Earth and I clear energetically the whole body. I also allow them to receive information (if there is any available for them).


Healing is a process and it may continue for several days after the session. That is why I may not be allowed to conduct more sessions until the body is ready for it.


During hypnosis, I was also told that I have to work with energy only when I feel it and to let my intuition guide me all the time. I never take it personally because I know that actually it’s the universe, not me, arranging all the movements on the Earth. So I just surrender and allow patience, unconditional love and intuition guide me.

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