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As I was creating this website I wanted to share with you my own experiences and I had some special intentions... 


.. to create a site that will inspire you to make positive changes in your life and to give you some piece of advice on how to love yourself deeply...​

... to help you understand the importance of moving out of your mind and logical thinking (ego) and start acting intuitively (heart), operating only from the level of pure, unconditional love ... 

... during hard times in your life (and there will be many of them) both, this page and the free soul community will be here to provide you with some kind of comfort and guidance towards obtaining your stronger self-confidence as well as trust in your own intuition...

... to ensure you that you are not alone and you can find people who have similar experiences here...

Quantum Hypnosis



During hypnosis, you can find answers to various, bothering you questions, unexplained events from the past. You can also receive a piece of advice on how to handle your nearest or distant future. Your higher self always shows what is best for you at this point in your life and finds where your problem is rooted.

Quantum hypnosis differs significantly from the clinical because the therapist never affects the client in any way, does not program their thoughts, and does not judge. The main goal is to connect them with their subconscious mind, their higher self, and to let it lead the whole process and to present the client what is best for them at the moment. The client will never see anything that could upset them or is not ready for. They are always shown what is most beneficial and what will have a positive and healing nature for their present life.


Meditation by the Beach


Many people ask me what channeling is and how the process of receiving downloads looks like. I must admit that I have never participated in any courses or workshops related to it. For me, channeling is a normal thing, a part of my everyday life, since I've been a child. I've always just "known" or "felt" what is true, right, good, and what is not. Additionally, symbolic dreams and contacts with other souls are very common "abilities" in my family, passed on from generation to generation.

Information comes to me in many different ways. Mostly, I perceive different vibrations which my conscious mind transforms into the appropriate words. It often isn’t easy, because human language (no matter which one!) is very limited, while types of vibrations are endless... I can receive just one sentence, one specific message, but also a whole, several-page text that you can find on my blog.​

Energy Healing



There are many energy healing techniques available nowadays, but they all have the same goal and purpose – allowing energy to come straight from the source and to pass to the person who needs it.


There can be several reasons to choose such kind of solution – mostly physical health problems and the need to receive channeled messages or activations at a deeper, soul level. 

Energy is everywhere, available for everyone who needs it and asks for it. You do not need to have any special abilities or skills to use energy in your healing practices.

Healing is always self-healing. It is only the client’s decision about whether the session will be successful or not. They must decide to accept the energy and they must be willing to get well. Due to the fact that everyone on Earth has free will, they decide about their own physical and even mental health. 



Yoga Class


Individual sessions:

- Quantum Hypnosis

- Channeling

- Energy Healing

- Twin Flame coaching

- Awakening/Intuition/Channeling coaching


- "How to listen to your intuition/higher self?"

(coming soon)

- "The power of Self-Hypnosis"

(coming soon)


Check all available services (description and prices)


In this section, you can find articles, short channeled messages, and excerpts from previously conducted hypnosis sessions, mostly about my twin flame journey or my own inner metamorphosis. Other important topics are: intuition, listening to our higher self, self-love and self-care.


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