Will we ever be together?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Will we ever be together?

People, who have been on a twin flame path for some time, begin to notice that they can’t compare this relationship to any other, previously existing in their life. Observing subsequent interactions with their twin, they recognize that there is a pattern directing their inner healing process.

When each of the negative aspects of myself was finally healed, there was a sense of relief, lightness, inner peace; a moment when I could take a deeper breath and return to my everyday life.

For me, the biggest sign of getting rid of some kind of traumas, programs or blockades, was always unconditional love for my twin flame, for myself and for the whole world, returning to my heart again. With those incredibly high vibrations, I had the impression that everything was possible.

Hope was also visiting me during these moments.

Hope, that I had managed to pass through the worst part of the process and healed so many wounds, that the Universe would finally allow me to rest and enjoy a normal, earthly life.

Hope, that maybe my twin felt the same unconditional love for me, and eventually, we would be able to communicate and experience our reunion, this time in the form of two human bodies forming a relationship, maybe even a family.

Unconditional love mixed with hope was like the perfect food for my soul, and I remember those moments as the most beautiful of the whole process. Without them, following such a bumpy road would be extremely challenging.

Unfortunately, every time, after a shorter or longer break, a new trigger appeared and forced me to look at another aspect of myself that required healing. And the same pain always returned to my heart with terror: "I don't have the strength anymore! I can't go on like this anymore! Will it ever end? Will we ever be together at all? Will we finally find our peace? Why do I have to pass through all of this? ".

I hated the whole process then. It seemed to be inhuman to force me to love someone with whom I would probably never be as a couple. Who I didn't even know! I wondered what I had done, in this or any other life, that I had to go through all of that. I didn't understand why this was happening to me.

But after some time, when I began to recognize the next stages of the process and the healing pattern, I found patience, some inner peace, and faith that everything was exactly like it should be, that the next storm would be over one day and the sun would appear again on the sky, even brighter than before. I knew that whatever it was, I could finally heal it and unconditional love and high vibrations would come back again.

I stopped fighting it and I surrendered totally to the process. Since then, things have started to go easier and faster, despite the fact that the lessons were getting harder and harder.

I know that I still have traumas and blockages hidden deeply in my soul and body. During meditation and hypnosis I saw that, in order to heal them, I would have to enter into a relationship with my twin at a deeper level. It will not be easy for me, but I want to believe that I will get rid of these traumas, as I did with all the rest... And for this to happen, he has to work on himself as much as I do and has to decide to make any contact with me. If any of us blocks the process or if our soul needs a break from earthly experiences, it’s over. We'll both only do and experience as much as we can in this lifetime.

And here are some of the most common questions that have always returned to me like a boomerang: "Will we ever be together? Because if not, why should we continue any of this? Why bother and relive all these traumas? Can I heal them by myself? Without my twin?''

I worked on myself for quite some time before I met my twin... I can say without any doubt, that it was nothing compared to what started to happen in my life since our souls recognized each other...

I must also admit, that the only factor driving the whole process, and the reason I was returning to the path of twin flames, was my infinite love for Him. Without that in my life, I wouldn't have decided to continue the journey. Striving to endure our reunification, somehow, in physical and spiritual form, gave me the strength to stand up again and keep moving on. If it wasn't for this unconditional love, I would choose any easier path. I wouldn’t have enough strength to pass through this all.

During meditation, self-hypnosis, and in my dreams, I saw scenes from the future that may happen if we both continue working on ourselves and stop running away from each other. I saw it many times. I thought that maybe I wanted it so badly that I imagined everything, that it was a projection of my dreams. Adding to that, I've been told, many times, that we didn't have to be together!!!

But even if this is the case, can I ever love someone as much as I love him? Will I ever be able to stop feeling his energy? Will anyone touch my soul like him? I don't think so... There is nothing to compare... There is nothing to think about... For me, there is only one path... I continue working on myself and I can only hope that my twin does the same... And how the destination of our journey will look? Unfortunately, I don’t know… Neither my guides tell me… I’ll learn it when the time is right...

Recently, I was guided to my lovely friend Gat Toon, also Starseed, who conducted me a hypnosis session. My higher self told me then, that they were showing me scenes from the future on purpose, and they were doing it because I was ready to give up. They wanted to give me the strength to stay on the path. I had to continue my process of healing and releasing traumas, blockades, programs and set my soul free again.

However, the truth is, that the reality we are going to choose for ourselves after the whole process is over, depends only on us.

We can't manipulate the process itself. If nothing unexpected happens, we can slightly accelerate it or slow it down but nothing more. That's what we decided before entering into our current bodies. However, after all the lessons are completed, the universe will return us our free will and we will be able to use the rest of our time to experience whatever we want in this earthly reality.

Do we have to be together as a couple? The answer from my higher self and my guides is always the same: "No… You don't have to!" At the soul level, the separation is just an illusion. We're always connected!

Will we want to spend this time together? We’ll see... This is a personal decision of each of us and it will probably depend on how much effort we will put on working on our inner selves and whether we can follow only our hearts and not our logical minds...

I can only hope that we will both want the same, no matter what direction we take...

Alexandra FreeSoul