While organizing the blog..

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

As I'm sitting now organizing both the blog and topics for my next texts about twin flames,

I realize that it's just another test for me. It's not only a trigger to finally tell my truth and to share my experiences and thoughts I haven't told anyone until now, but also a test of my strength, of my unconditional love and the purity of my heart and soul, a test of my patience... As I'm now digging among my memories, visions, dreams about my twin, it's like experiencing them one more time. It wasn't an easy process but the strange thing is that only good memories are left, only magical and beautiful moments are still present in my mind. It doesn't surprise me because suffering was never caused intentionally by my twin. My own wounds and my own denying of our soul's connection were causing it.

But I also realized that his invisible presence became a part of my life and I simply can't imagine a different reality anymore. He'll always be here with me. And I don't want to change it anymore. I don't want to manipulate it or deny it. I don't want to force him to be physically present in my life either. Since I've accepted our connection and I surrendered to the whole process, I found my inner peace. I still miss him physically, of course, this can never change. I would still give everything to experience his physical hug and I'll still be dreaming about our union at all levels, but I realized that I'm happy when he's happy. If he's happy there, far away from me, if his life is fulfilling and giving him joy, I'll always accept it and I'll be his greatest fan, no matter what he does in his life. He has free will to choose his own path, he has his own lessons to learn. Deep inside, I may be asking for a miracle to happen, but at the same moment, I'm giving him his freedom. But I'm not losing him. His presence will always be here with me. Unconditional love will always connect our hearts. And one day, when we'll leave our physical bodies, our souls will reunite again. I'll be patient. It will be a very beautiful moment...

Alexandra FreeSoul