What is it like to be a false twin flame?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

What is it like to be a false twin flame?

About a year and a half before I met my true twin flame, I had the opportunity to experience what it was like to be someone's false twin. It was an unforgettable experience, a huge life lesson for both of us, however, it almost ended with police intervention.

All the names appearing in the text are fictitious.

When I found a new job I met many new people of different ages. Most of them were friendly and showed interest in getting to know me better. We were slowly becoming friends.

There were also those who kept a distance, especially one man who was working in the office next door. He was a few years older than me. He was like a shadow - he appeared and disappeared within a second. I called him a “mouse" because I was always shocked how silently he moved. No one could understand when he left the office. He was always the first at work. Even when he brought us some documents, I had the impression that he was just showing up out of nowhere. It seemed a bit strange to me, but not harmful.

He was also about a head shorter than me. His physical appearance was completely unattractive; I would even say that he was almost imperceptible to others. He stayed away from everyone and didn’t share details of his private life with colleagues. I even had the feeling that no one really knew any details about him. The only thing I heard was that his first child had been born recently. However, no one ever saw the child or his wife, not even in a picture. Some didn't even believe it was true.

Sometimes I felt that he was observing me. When I tried to talk to him in a friendly manner, I could clearly see how stressed he was - he blushed, he moved nervously, he didn’t like eye contact, he was very friendly and helpful but he answered chaotically. I thought he was just shy. I don’t consider myself particularly sociable either, so I didn’t try to find any excuse for his somehow weird behavior.

It was my first job after leaving my husband and sending the children to kindergarten. My life was totally disorganized. Paperwork and running to different services and offices completely overwhelmed me. I remember that I wanted to clear up some doubts about my studies and my colleagues advised me to ask Kostas. It shocked me how helpful he was. He asked me for my email so he could send me additional information about my question.

I started receiving messages from him more often. I didn't even realize when he began to advise me not only about my studies or my current job, but also about my home or even divorce. He knew the law, paperwork, he was intelligent and he knew many people in various services. I must admit that his help was especially valuable to me at that time. He also started telling me about his family, he even sent me photos of his wife and daughter. I thought that it may be a beginning of a real friendship.

One day he sent me a message that he was on a walk in my area and asked if I would like to meet him for coffee. I thought he was with his wife and I answered that I would gladly see them. However, when I got there, I noticed that he was alone. I felt strange.

"Where is Irene? I thought I'd meet her." - I asked right away.

"First we have to get to know each other. Besides, I don't like to mix family matters with work, friends, etc." - he replied.

It was typical for Kostas. No one of our colleagues met his wife. However, I must admit that the first alarm ringed in my mind. I had heard many times from other women about friendly relations with other men, even with their exes who were in other relationships. Unfortunately, from my own experience, I knew that at the first chance, some kind of a sexual undertone ALWAYS appeared. And whether they were in a relationship or not, whether they had children or not – it didn’t really matter. In addition, even if I had somehow miraculously found a 100% faithful guy, there were still really few women who didn’t feel insecure next to me. And because I never wanted to be involved into such kind of stories, longing for my own inner peace, I never went to appointments with men alone.

However, I didn’t want to leave just like that and behave like an idiot, but since then I decided to observe his every move more closely. He was completely different than at work. He was still much stressed, but I noticed that he was staring at me as if he wanted to know every detail of my body. He listened to every single word I spoke with incredible curiosity. His eyes were shining with joy. He tried to learn something more about me but I felt I was slowly blocking myself. I responded friendly but I preferred not to open topics about more personal matters. He seemed to do the same but his eyes were telling me something different.

After all, the conversation was quite pleasant. On the way home, I even wondered if I was oversensitive about men. However, my subconscious rang the alarm again.

One day, when I was at work, I received a message that there was a surprise waiting for me in my drawer. In a beige envelope, I found a hand-written poem with a dedication to me. It wasn’t a declaration of love, just a romantic poem. Kostas also started finding more reasons to appear in my office. I caught him staring at me and his eyes were sparkling. I knew it was time to talk...

We met on another floor where there were no people. His whole face was smiling when he saw me. He asked if I liked his poem. The poem was great, but I didn't like the whole story. I told him gently that I saw him as a friend and I absolutely didn’t want to get between him and his wife. I let him know that I was not interested in any closer relationship with him. However, he didn’t listen to my words at all. He grabbed my hand. I looked at his palm, which in comparison to mine was like a child's hand! I wanted to laugh. He looked straight into my eyes and said:

- "I would never have thought of such a thing to happen between us! You are like a family member to me, like a sister, even more than a family! Thanks to you I can write again. You are my inspiration! My muse! I want nothing, absolutely nothing, from you. I just want you to exist in my life so I can create! I will never make any suspicious movement towards you. I know how good a person you are! What a wonderful soul you have! There is so much love in your heart. I know exactly who you are!" - he said.

It was very interesting. I didn't even know who I really was at that time, but he seemed to have a completely clear opinion about me. Everything was obvious to me - he fell in love with me and he was idealizing me. I clearly and literally told him that I was not interested in any relationship with him once again, I could see him only as a friend, and I asked him to respect it. He only laughed as if he had heard a good joke.

- "Don’t you understand? I will never look at you in an erotic way!" - he said - "You don't even know who you are. I know, I can "read" people. You are like a saint to me. God knows what he is doing." - he laughed with such an expression as if he knew something about me that I wasn’t completely aware of.

It was a bit too much for me. I didn’t consider myself a saint, I didn’t even believe in God at that time.

- "You will believe!" - he laughed aloud - " You will believe, be sure of that! I will prove to you that he exists!"

For the third time, I assured him that I saw him only as a friend and I returned to work.

There were more and more poems and messages every day, more frequent visits in my office too. It was nice to inspire someone, his help with documents was also very valuable, I liked talking to him very much, but it was slowly choking me. I had the impression that he was doing everything just to be somewhere near me.

As soon as he noticed that I was distancing myself, that I stopped accepting his help, he tried to convince me that we were identical! Our artistic souls, sensitivity, even our zodiac signs fit perfectly! He treated me like an angel who fell from heaven. I made him understand that I didn’t want anything from him one more time and his answer was the same - he couldn’t even think about something happening between the two of us because I was sacred to him and he just wanted me to let him stay in my life.

A part of me wanted a friend like him. I also wanted to believe that I can have friendly relationships with men like other women have. However, something inside me shouted that I should run away from him. I was sure he had fallen in love with me and his words didn't convince me at all.

The farther I was drifting from him, the more traps he set for me. Sometimes I even thought he believed I’m in love with him too! Like if he was creating his own, perfect reality in his mind. He began to be interested in my family. He wanted to see photos of my siblings, parents, and children.

I also remember the day when my mobile phone broke down. He heard me telling this to a colleague sitting next to me and the same day, in the evening, I received a phone call:

- "Which is the street number you live at? I want to give you something!" - he said.

- "Thank you, but I don't need anything!" - I answered. However, he didn’t give up.

- "I won’t enter! I will just leave it and run straight away! Besides, I have my ways. If you don't tell me, I'll find your address by myself."- he laughed.

I thought it was true because as soon as I gave him the street number I immediately heard his motorbike. I opened the door just enough to be able to lean out and look at him. I didn't want my children to see him. He gave me a small paper bag with a huge smile on his face and disappeared. I found a mobile phone inside. I immediately sent him a message that I absolutely couldn’t accept his gift. That didn’t disappoint him at all! On the contrary, he started talking to me even nicer.

-"What planet are you from? I've never met someone like you! You are innocent like a little child! It’s unbelievable!" - he said - "Can you please do it for me and accept this mobile? It’s nothing for me! And when was the last time you received a gift? You must accept it!"

Good question. I only checked the price on the internet so that I could give him the money back if I changed my mind. It was probably the cheapest phone available on the market so I decided, probably for the first time in my life, to accept a gift from someone who was not a family member, not even a close friend. I didn’t listen to my intuition but my logical mind. I was soon to find out what a great mistake I had made.

In the following days he offered me literally everything - starting with a car, trips to different places, even a ride with a balloon! When he heard that I had my own car, he tried to convince me that in the city center a motorcycle would be more useful. Of course, there was not a chance that I would ever go for a trip with a married guy. The icing on the cake was that he even found me an apartment in one of the most expensive districts, with a view to the entire bay. As he claimed, it was his friend’s flat and he didn’t want any payment. I could stay there for as long as I wanted. He even offered to help me pack my things and furniture!

- "Maybe we will choose the color of the paint for the bedroom and you’ll help me furnish the house?!" - I thought.

I started feeling very uncomfortable. Something deep inside kept telling me that he planned to get spare keys to this apartment to be able to enter it when I would be away. Or even worse - when I would be inside!!! If he could check my things at my desk, I could expect everything from him! I felt like he was trying to corner me from all sides. It was suffocating me. Of course, I took absolutely nothing from him and cut off the conversation every time. But he didn’t give up, he tried even more. It already looked like an obsession to me. I was wondering why he couldn’t understand what I was telling him. He was just ignoring my words!!!

I avoided him more and more every day. I was polite at work. I wanted to protect him from gossips. I knew I would stay there for several months, I was sure that from the beginning I behaved fairly, but his actions were at least suspicious for me. Others also began to notice that he was always somewhere around me.

I also stopped accepting his help in any form but he couldn’t stand the fact that I didn’t need him. He was trying to prove me that I would be lost without him. He kept sending me job offers, information about postgraduate studies or whatever he could think of at that time. The more I walked away, the more ideas he had.

He claimed that I was such a wonderful and innocent being that he wished he could give me a star from the sky and all this without receiving anything in return. He said he wanted to protect me and my children and that we were safe next to him. Unfortunately, my intuition was alarming like crazy!!! I didn’t like anything he said!

I often caught him comparing me to himself. It was very confusing because I wasn’t sure if he was talking so highly about me or himself! I once pointed it out to him and he said:

- "We're the same! Don't you see it?!"

I didn't... I enjoyed talking to him, he was one of the few emotional, intuitive, and romantic guys I met, very intelligent, but I saw more differences than similarities between us. He was cunning like a fox, he hid everything, he did things just to gain something else, he hated his work, his colleagues despite the fact that he was still helping them, I even had the impression that his wife and child were disturbing him. He was as dark as a shadow and clung to me believing that I would bring some sun into his grey life. And me? I was like an open book - "read whatever you want", I had no secrets. I believed that there was something good in every person and that was the only way I wanted to see them. I always put my family in the first place and listened to my heart and intuition. I could never do something that didn’t match my beliefs or values.

When I tried to find out what he really meant, he always just smiled and let me understand that he knew something that I was not aware of yet. Now, looking back, I see that he had to be awakened. I was at the stage of meditation and self-hypnosis, I believed in reincarnation, but I was still far from seeing the whole truth. He never wanted to tell me anything more. He always told me that I would learn the whole truth soon by myself and then I would stop running away from him.

One day he brought a gift for my children - some T-shirts and DVDs with cartoons. I refused like always. Quite thoughtlessly, as an excuse, I said that I didn't even know if my DVD player worked. He put the bag in my palm and said that it was not for me but for the kids and that it would be better if I didn’t make a scene because they would start gossiping about us soon. I completely stopped enjoying the situation at that time. I didn't want to hide his actions, and I didn't want him to drag me into his secrets.

In the evening I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and I was in shock - Kostas stood on the threshold with a DVD player in his hands. I wanted to yell at him but the children were standing right behind me and I heard the neighbor next door. He didn't want to leave and the last thing I wanted was my neighbors around the block gossiping about me. It was my home and I didn’t want to tolerate such a thing. I took the DVD player quickly and I told him to leave my place immediately. I was furious. I didn't ask for anything, making me happy by force didn't work, and I didn't want him coming to my house!

I explained to him many times that I didn't want anything from him. If he couldn’t understand it in a kind way, I had to finish it once and for all. I sent him a message that I didn’t want to contact him anymore and that I wanted to return all the things he had given me. I put his poems in a paper bag and the phone with the DVD player in a box. However, I was afraid that he would make a scene at work and I didn’t want others to see that I got some presents from him. I knew the truth, but rumors at work could be cruel. I then realized how much involved he got me in this whole story. Covering his stupid behavior, I got into it by myself!

I left the poems on his desk. I also wrote him a message saying that I wanted to give him the rest of things but in another, neutral place. I didn't react to him later. I was pretending that I didn’t see him. He probably asked me a dozen of times to have a conversation. There was nothing to talk about. Enough was enough!

I avoided him for many days. Finally, he found me alone in the office and asked me to have a talk. I decided to explain this situation once and for all. He told me that he wished me all the best, that he didn’t understand why I reacted so negatively, that he did everything from his heart, out of a desire to help, that he didn’t really expect anything from me in return. He asked me to be friends and to let him talk to me again. He said that I was making him a better person, that thanks to me he began to write and believe in people again.

I felt so sad because a part of me wanted to believe his words, but the whole situation was choking me. I had the impression that it was one big trap and at the same time, I didn’t understand what it was all about. If he just wanted friendship and inspiration to write, he didn't have to do anything - neither give me gifts, nor help me (especially when I didn't ask for it!) - he could just be himself. I tried to see the bright side of the whole story but I couldn’t. I knew that if I got into it again, I would lose my freedom. A part of me still wanted to believe in our friendship. I didn't even know if I could call it like that… With all this tension that I had, trying to be assertive but failing at the same time, tears appeared in my eyes. Then he looked at me with the same smile and joy in his eyes as before and said:

- "Now I'm sure it's you! Your tears are saying everything!"

- "What? I don't understand anything!" - I answered

- "It doesn't matter. I already know the truth!" - and he was staring at me again as if he had met an angel. I felt so drained and I wanted to go home. We agreed that he would no longer offer me gifts or help, if I didn’t ask for it, he would not come to my apartment and would respect my decisions and privacy. Only friendship and no strange actions from now on. He agreed to everything. Of course…

The following days and weeks were quite calm. He was still close to me, somewhere in the background, and he was looking at me with his blissful eyes, but he didn't push me anymore. He gave me space. He knew that if he did something that I didn’t like, I would cut myself off. I was slowly beginning to believe that we both found the golden mean and our conversations seemed friendly and neutral.

In the meantime, Kostas had already written so many poems that the publisher had agreed to publish his next book. He wanted me to promise him that I would go with him to Athens on the official release day.

- "No way! There should be your wife and your daughter, not me." - I told him.

He tried to convince me that his wife would not go anyway because since she had the child she behaved like a hysteric, she was afraid of going anywhere. Besides, he created this volume of poetry thanks to me and he wanted to dedicate it to me. It was OUR book as he said!

- "Does your wife know about this?" - I asked.

- "Of course, she knows that we are friends and she knows that I write thanks to you." - he replied but it didn't convince me at all. Besides, I didn't like the way he spoke about her. He clearly compared her to me and I was the perfect one and she wasn’t.

There was no way I would go anywhere with him and he knew it perfectly well.

Days, weeks passed. He didn't push me, he kept a safe distance. Everything seemed to be back to normal.

One day he asked me to meet. He wanted to tell me something and it was necessary to do it that day. He seemed to be very stressed. It was a Saturday, my children were at their father's, but I didn't feel like going outside. I wanted to stay home. I refused, however, he insisted. He asked me to let him come to my apartment literally for a few minutes. I honestly admit that I still don't know why I agreed. I think I was really naive as a child and I was just failing on being assertive. On the way, he called me asking what kind f pizza I wanted. Oh, I didn't like it at all.

He arrived a little uptight. We began to talk about everything and nothing. I knew that whatever it was, he wouldn't tell me right away. So I gave him time and waited patiently for whatever he wanted to inform me that day. And finally, the cat was out of the bag. It turned out that his work at the office and Ph.D. studies were really just a cover. In the meantime, he did other work that absolutely no one knew about - only one priest he confessed to and who criticized him very much - and now me. At first, it didn't bother me so much. I knew that there were such professions and someone had to do them. I didn’t want to judge anyone. However, it turned out that it was a great burden for him. I began to understand why he kept such a distance from everyone and why he didn’t get his family involved in work-related matters. All the pieces began to fall into place.

- "But why did you have to tell me that? I don't need to know such details about your life." - I asked.

- "Because you are the only one I can trust. Only you! No one else! And I don't want to keep any secrets from you." - he replied.

I didn't know what to think about that. It was nice to hear that you inspire such trust in someone, but on the other hand, I felt that he wanted to share this burden with me. And why did he choose me? We had just met a few months ago and he didn’t know me very well. It was weird… I needed time to think about it. I wasn't even fully aware of what I was dealing with. I decided to change the subject.

I also realized that these few minutes turned into two hours. I suggested that it was a bit late but he took his notebook out of his pocket and said:

- "Let me write something because it has just showered me, you have has just inspired me again!"

I knew he was writing about me. He never gave me these poems to read, he only showed me the more neutral ones.

- "OK, I'll clean the table and you’ll finish the sentence. But then we say goodbye. It's getting late." - I answered.

When I came back from the kitchen, he was still writing. After a while, he looked at me and said:

- "Will you let me sleep on your couch?"

- "What?!?!" - I almost shouted.

- "Don't get me wrong, I don't want anything from you, just being in your home, around all these things, being in your aura, is a huge inspiration for me." - he answered.

For a split of a second, I saw in my mind that I was sleeping and he was standing above me. It scared me totally. I told him to go home to his wife and child immediately. However, he seemed stuck. He only stated that his wife was not at home and that nobody would look for him. His offer seemed totally abstract to me. I wanted him to leave my house as soon as possible. I started to panic. I went quickly to the door and opened it so that I could call a neighbor living in an apartment next door. I think it worked, but not for long.

He left the house, I managed to close the door with all the locks I had, but he began sending me messages trying to persuade me to change my mind. According to him, there was nothing wrong with it, he just wanted to write while lying on my couch. For me it was sick. My intuition was shouting! I got a panic attack that day. The best lesson of assertiveness I could ever have…

When I woke up, I started to realize who he truly was and what he did for a living. It didn't resonate with me at all. I wouldn't do anything like that in my life. It felt so wrong… In the following days, I started avoiding him but he didn’t even understand it! He began to reveal more secrets to me. He said he felt much better and he thanked God for sending me so he could share it with me. But I didn't want to know anything! I felt that he was passing all his burdens to me! Being “the one” and "chosen" cornered me and suffocated me so much.

I told him directly that I didn’t agree with what he was doing and I asked him not to share any details with me. I also began being afraid of him and in general. I knew I shouldn’t know that information. He was cornering me again. I felt it. I immediately ordered a new phone. I didn't want to have any equipment from him in my home and I regretted that I let him enter the house.

In addition, he wanted to force me at all costs to participate in the publication of his book. He tried to push me to set the order of the poems or to design the cover – anything that would make me feel that it was also my book. According to him, it was our joint work. Unfortunately, I didn't see it that way and I didn’t want to participate in it. Especially, because I felt the pressure. I didn’t want to do anything that didn’t resonate with me. It didn’t feel right.

My whole body reacted negatively to the situation. I tried to explain to him that I didn’t want to take part in it, that it was his book, his work, I didn’t want him to get me involved in it. I even reminded him that he promised he would always accept my decisions. But it didn’t reach him at all. In his opinion, the publication of the book – our book! - as well as sharing his life secret, was the greatest possible reward and privilege! For me, unfortunately, it worked like a noose around the neck. I started choking. I felt that under the cover of interest, devotion, even love, he wanted to deprive me of my free will.

I started cutting off at the speed of light. I was scared of him! He still didn't understand why I reacted to him that way. He behaved as if he knew something that I had no idea about, he was sure that I’ll stop running away one day, and at the same time, it gave him the permission to enter my life with his dirty shoes whenever he wanted. It felt like he treated me like his belonging. The farther I was running, the more impatient and even importunate he became. He returned to help me – he promised that he would find me a new job, he had so many connections that would be crucial, but I knew it was a lie. If I become successful, who will he help then? He wanted me to be dependent on him.

I wanted him to disappear from my life and I even started thinking about changing my job earlier. Friends began to notice that something was happening and that I avoided him. They started asking what he did to me. They knew me, they were sure I was fair in everything I did. They automatically thought that there was something wrong with him. I had the impression that I would explode and tell them everything. And I didn't care what the consequences for him would be. I didn't want to participate in his games anymore.

One day I told him directly that I didn't want to have anything to do with him, I didn't want to know anything, and asked him to delete me from his contacts. My intuition screamed that I should run and my body reacted with panic attacks any time he appeared anywhere close to me. He tried everything to stop me.

I came back home that day and started preparing lunch for my children and my niece. Suddenly, I heard my phone ringing. It was Kostas. I didn’t pick it up. He kept calling me again and again... In a few minutes, I heard the doorbell and the phone at the same time. I answered immediately. Kostas all tearful asked me to let him come upstairs. He wanted to talk to me.

For me, it was the last moment to set a clear border. It was much too late to do that. It already seemed like an obsession. I knew perfectly well that I made a huge mistake by letting him get close to me once again. I told him to leave immediately and informed him that his presence was bad not only for me but also for my children and my guest. He didn't care at all! His pain and sense of rejection were more important than anything else. He wanted to talk to me even in front of other people. There wasn’t even such an option for me to involve my children and my niece in such a sick story.

He was crying and calling me all the time. It was hot and all windows were open. I was terrified that he could stand outside the house and eavesdrop on us. I told him that if he wouldn’t leave as soon as possible, I would call the police. I also closed all the windows and covered the blinds.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. He began bombarding me with messages and emails. When I blocked him, I received a message from a different email address, another phone number, even a foreign one. The requests turned into threats. In his opinion, I was a heartless monster who destroyed “everything”. But what exactly? I couldn’t understand… Nothing really happened between the two of us. For me, he was just a friend and I explained it to him 100 times. He also claimed he was just a friend or a brother to me. But words can often lie… Intuition never! I often had a feeling that he never saw me as a separate being. I even felt that he thought I was his belonging. His help (without me even asking for it!) was abusive to me.

He kept telling me that everyone adored him and was extremely grateful for all he had done for them, I was the only one that never appreciated him and his actions, even though he wanted to give me everything. Even people-pleasers must be stopped sometimes… I wanted to distance myself from him so many times but he did everything to stop me. He also kept telling me that one day I’ll stop running when I’ll find out the truth. My truth was that his presence was suffocating me. His never-ending desire for my attention was draining all my energy. Even his love was nothing more than abusive! I wanted him to disappear from planet Earth… Forever!

His words became unkind and impolite, even painful. He tried to prove to me what a terrible and bad person I was, how much I hurt him. Indeed - I wanted to be an independent being and be able to create my own life on my own terms and values. Not his. I wasn't him and he couldn't understand it… If fighting for my independence and inner peace meant to hurt him I was ready to do this. Otherwise, I tried everything and nothing ever worked! He was always next to me!

Even though I was clear from the beginning and he knew what he could and couldn’t expect from me, the change in his behavior was enormous. That smile in his eyes always noticeable when he looked at me, switched to real hatred in his every look towards me. There was disgust and abhorrence. But he kept stalking me. I was afraid to switch on my mobile in the morning or to check my mailbox. When I left the house, I looked around in all directions to ensure that he wasn’t standing somewhere there. I was even afraid he had bugged my living room. He tried requests, emotional blackmails, even threats. He wouldn't give up. I didn't really know why he was acting like that. He wanted to keep me in his life, but he began to do everything to hurt me. He pushed me away with his behavior, and at the same time, he couldn't stop thinking of me. It was a kind of – “as long as you’re close to me you’ll be my princess but if you try to leave I’ll destroy you”. I was just afraid of him. He was insane in my eyes. I didn't know what else to do about his stalking mania.

I tried everything but nothing worked. In the end, I decided to play his own game and I told him that if he wouldn’t stop bothering me immediately, I would go to the police and show them all the emails. In addition, I would also tell the whole story, even his secret to our colleagues at work, I would find his wife too. To made it sound even more realistic, I asked a friend from his office to talk to him on my behalf and a colleague who was a head taller than me (probably two heads taller than him) to have a word with him as well. It worked. He didn't send me any message since then, although his negative energy that was alternated with positive could be felt for a long time. His mind was in panic and he cooped up inside.

He told me once:

- "You brought out the darkest side of me, which was hidden somewhere deep inside. You showed me my new face, which I didn't even know existed during my whole life."

I remembered this sentence when I was recently thinking about my own false twin flame and how, within a few days/weeks, I turned the love I had for him into a total allergy to everything that was associated with him. He also showed me my soul's darkest secrets, that I had no idea they even existed.

It wasn’t pleasant, it was real hell. But now I am extremely grateful because I know he showed me parts of myself that needed healing. Not only did he make me understand who I wasn’t, but also who I really was. Thanks to him I also understood who my real twin flame was. All this was planned carefully in advance. I am sure of that. Although I don’t even want to see him even in a picture now, I am very grateful and I know that the universe sent him to me so I could clear all the bad in me before opening up completely to my real twin. But I’ll describe it in detail in my future posts.

Closing the story about Kostas, I can only hope that he also got his lesson and understood my role in his life. I showed him his dark side so he could heal it. I'm sure it wasn't an easy process for him. For me it certainly was a huge lesson of assertiveness and setting clear boundaries. I feel strange in the role of a false twin flame because I would never intentionally harm anyone, I would only in case I was in danger. But I want to believe that just as I feel gratitude for my false twin, so does he feel for me. I hope that after some time he did understand, that it was meant to be like that, that the universe planned that whole story. And it was for his own good.

Alexandra FreeSoul

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