Twin flames and sacred sexuality (channeled)

Updated: May 15, 2021

Twin flames and sacred sexuality (channeled)

During the initial stages of the union with your twin flame, you will be triggered to look deep into your sexuality. The way you perceive your own body and how you feel in an intimate situation with someone else will be intentionally exaggerated so that you can heal everything that no longer serves you.

You will also need to verify your beliefs and rules regarding love and intimacy, formed by your family, friends, previous partners, or general socio-cultural conditions.

Many religions and cultures believe that sex is a sin. Nakedness is simply forbidden. The experience of physical pleasure is often buried under feelings of shame or guilt... But there is nothing more wrong than that...

By entering the path of the twin flames, you will quickly understand that it is a healing process, a process of ascension through self-love and self-acceptance.

Your twin will motivate you to love yourself not only as an infinitive spiritual being but also as a physical character.

Your experiences in three-dimensional reality are very important. Your connection to the body and acceptance of this "physical vehicle" is crucial for feeling the total wholeness.

Thanks to this process, you'll soon find out that typical sex is no longer enough for you, that you want to find some deeper sense in it, both on a physical and spiritual level. You may feel that something very important is missing, or you may even start avoiding sex with your current, karmic partner, because it seems too shallow, superficial and fleeting (especially if they are not awaken).

Having the ability of being intimate with your twin flame is a completely different experience. At first, you may not be consciously aware of it, but when your bodies merge, your souls will also unite! It's the deepest connection and experience you can have on a physical and spiritual level. This exchange of masculine and feminine energies is extremely powerful and intense. Sometimes even overwhelming for twins, especially in the early stages of the union.

When you feel more comfortable with each other, you will be able to explore this extraordinary relationship more deeply, and your consciousness will begin to see the truth beyond 3D limitations. And then the magic begins...

It's no longer ordinary sex - it's a divine ceremony, spiritual practice, meditation including the physical body, extension of consciousness, exchange of unconditional love, merging of energies. Adoration and worship that you feel for each other are not based on physical appearance. Souls are united by unconditional love and there is a total acceptance of the bodies. There is a total wholeness.

You can even experience a state in which you no longer feel the physical contact with your twin. While your bodies remain in a safe, loving embrace, you experience total oneness at the soul level.

But to be able to reach this stage, you must first release all blockades hidden deep in your body and mind, forget about previous, limiting beliefs. You must accept your body as it is and fall in love with it. You must look at it through the eyes of your twin flame. Only if you love and deeply accept yourself as you are, will your twin be able to do the same.

It is also important to work on this before you decide to start a relationship with your twin at a deeper level. Look at your body, as if it was your child, the best friend, someone you love and embrace it. Ask it what it needs, what it misses, what it likes to do, what makes it feel happy, feel pleasure. Discover it! Learn about it as much as possible!

And then start treating it as a real treasure - give it love, acceptance, importance, time. Feed it properly, let it rest as much it needs, take care of its health, meditate, work on your blockages, and restrictive beliefs. Let your body be free, happy, fulfilled, and give it the opportunity to express itself in a way it loves!

Treat your body as a temple, as a sacred place of special importance to you. Learn to receive, to accept everything that is good for it! And reject anything that could hurt or humiliate it, anything that is not healthy for it. Ask only for unconditional love, care, attention, acceptance, equal give and take, respect, joy, fulfillment, and much more! It is no place for anything less than that.

And don't stress yourself about opening up to new experiences with your twin flame, especially the intimate ones. You are here on Earth, in this physical form, for a reason. Immerse yourself deeply in this experience, enjoy it fully. Your body is a treasure. Intimacy is a sacred ceremony in which you can share your love at a deeper level, while your souls merge united above your bodies. It's a wonderful experience. Do not rush. Enjoy every second with your twin flame.

Also, remember that you are both led and guided divinely...

Whatever you do in your life, always start with self-love. This is the key to success!

Alexandra FreeSoul

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