Twin Flame Journey

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The beginnings of a twin flame journey are far from romantic stories… It can't be compared to any other relationship between two simple people. When souls recognize each other our logical mind can’t understand what’s truly going on, it tries to ignore it, to deny it, to manipulate it... It’s a long, long process... But looking back I can say that it’s the most difficult and the most beautiful path that someone may follow.

DIFFICULT because you have to look deep inside your heart, your soul, you have to face your biggest fears, addictions, your inner demons... You have to align your life with new, different circumstances and to learn how to follow only high vibrations and pure emotions... You’ll be in a middle of a battle between your logical mind and your heart (which will lead you back again and again to your Twin Flame, towards the unknown, scary but so desired ground) for months, maybe even years... No one from your friends and family will understand you. You’ll be alone... You'll have to find your truth within your own heart... By yourself... You’ll pass through many dark nights of a soul...

But remember!

It’s NEVER about them... It’s ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!

And when your TF will push you to do your inner work BEAUTIFUL things will appear. You’ll start healing your old wounds, releasing unhealthy bonds. You’ll realize that somehow, through interactions with them you started loving yourself, taking care of your needs, setting healthy boundaries. As you blindly follow your heart leading you always towards your TF you’ll finally give up on fighting this invisible union, you’ll kill your ego and you’ll set your soul free again. You’ll understand that your TF is always with you, always present even though their physical body is far away. You’ll pass through the fastest awakening ever, you’ll start seeing beyond 3D illusion and you’ll clearly see the hidden truth. Your life will become more peaceful, joyful, fulfilling. Your TF, without even realizing it, will guide you to rediscover your talents, to find your soul’s mission on this planet. Gradually you’ll realize that you’re never alone, you’ll understand how lucky, protected, powerful, loved, and important you are… You’ll be healed… Strong and ready to take action... You’ll find the light within yourself... With your TF by your side...

So even if you’re far from each other and it may be painful because your heart keeps pulling you towards them, always look at the bigger picture! Remember that it’s a wonderful process that will help you to find your true self, your inner peace, your self-acceptance, and self-love... At a soul level, you’re always connected. It can’t change... Be thankful and grateful for every moment you spend on a TF path. It’s a blessing... It’s a healing process... It’s a lesson of the purest unconditional love... It’s a piece of heaven taken here on Earth with you...

To my TF – my best teacher and healer - thank You! I’m always grateful and thankful for having you in my life! Always... ❤️

Alexandra FreeSoul