Twin Flame Journey - the way to find your true self (channeled)

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Twin Flame Journey - the way to find your true self (channeled)

The most beautiful part of twin flame journey, besides its destination, is understanding who we truly are.

As multidimensional beings, our higher selves, our true selves, maybe on other planets, even on other, higher planes where the vibrations are much lighter.

Many of us face difficulties on a dense, earthly plane. Simple, everyday life may be very challenging for those who haven't experienced fear, pain, judgment, loss, heartbreak, lie, rejection, illness, etc in their previous existence. These feelings and emotions are unknown to them. Even one simple argument can be extremely traumatic for such pure souls.

We can only suffer from the feeling of loneliness and not belonging to this world. It's true..

While finding our twin flame we're opening up for new realms immediately. Our conscious mind can't explain what's going on, and our subconscious mind can finally take over and start showing us the truth. It's a gradual process since the truth can be shocking...

In the end, we'll understand that our physical existence in human form is just a little flame taken from the place where home-fire is constantly burning.

Our higher self is there, taking care of us, and checking on us every single day, giving us signs, advising us in a form of intuition, sending us help when needed. Our higher form of existence is there, at home, waiting for us to reunite one day, after completing our tasks we signed up before our incarnation.

Our twin flame is proof for us and a reminder of who we truly are. They light the fire in our hearts immediately. Their unconditional love is here to wake us up... to make us remember... And the most important - to let us experience for a while how it feels to be back home...

Alexandra FreeSoul

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P.S. To my TF - It's a blessing to have You in my life! Thank You for helping me to understand and to remember who I am and for showing me the way back home :-) Our higher self is embracing us with its huge wings... We are safe... There is nothing to worry about... I love You!