Twin Flame Dynamic in 3D

Updated: May 15, 2021

My twin flame path was unique and bumpy, like any other journey. The period of separation and hard work on my own inner world had lasted quite long. We practically had no contact with each other since we met. However, he (or rather his soul) was present in my life all the time. Due to the fact that I am an energy channel - a bridge connecting earthly reality with other dimensions - I was able to connect to his higher self whenever I felt the need to do so. He also appeared in my dreams, visions, during meditation or self-hypnosis. Sometimes he brought a piece of advice, tips, or he just gave me some kind of relief by his very presence during hard times.

I was slowly getting acquainted with his soul, his energy. These vibrations were familiar to me but temporarily forgotten. I was diving into that unconditional love which always flowed my way. And as my heart was slowly unblocking, I was falling in love with him... Or rather, I remembered what really connected us, who we are to each other, where we come from. It was the most magical experience I had ever had in this lifetime. So wonderful that I often didn't want to go back to the three-dimensional reality. In such moments, I felt a strong need to find him, see who he is, what he is like, simply talk to him, and exchange our experiences. I wanted to hug him and feel the same unconditional love that connected us.

The combination of these two worlds (spiritual and earthly) seemed to be the most beautiful dream I could ever imagine, even a condition for me to continue functioning here in 3D. One part of my "bridge", the one on the spiritual side, was very stable, deeply rooted in that reality. I felt great there, like a fish blubbering through the water. But I had the impression that the part on the Earthside was in moving sand and could collapse in the first lightest wind. I missed something or someone who would help me feel confident and safe there and teach me how to take full advantage of the three-dimensional reality. Maybe Him? Maybe his grounded, logical, material energy was the missing piece?

However, we lived on two opposite sides of the globe and I had no opportunity to check it for myself. I could only suppose that nothing was happening without a reason and that there was a deeper sense in all of it. All forms of my twin’s existence were important to me. Living in the earthly reality, I also wanted his physical presence. It was hard for me to accept the fact that I could only connect with him in a spirit form. Especially when I knew that he was somewhere out there - real and tangible. Deep down, I still believed that one day we would be able to link these two worlds and create something unique...

At some point, I started to receive downloads that the moment when not only our contact would unblock and we would finally be able to talk to each other, but we would also meet live and the long period of separation would end for good was approaching. I must admit that I didn't really believe that this moment would ever happen. The process I’d been through was so difficult that I had a hard time imagining that suddenly everything would change for the better and our life together would be wonderful and colorful. It was too good to be true - that's what I thought then.

To my surprise, all the visions began to come true with terrifying accuracy. The long-awaited communication was real and we started getting to know each other better and better every single day. However, in a fairly short time, I realized that the spiritual reality in which we had been connecting for the last two years had practically no reflection in the earthly plane.

One day my twin told me something I already knew observing his behavior and interactions with me:

- “I am not aware of anything. This is not mine. These are your experiences."

All I wanted to answer then was:

- "So see you in the next 2 years when you’ll have a look inside of yourself and remember who I am for you and what really connects us".

There was no chance that we would find any common language at this stage, so cutting all contacts seemed to be the best solution for both of us. Fortunately, I listened to my guides and I bit my tongue in time.

Our interactions in 3D were important in the next level of our twin flame journey we had just entered. The process of inner metamorphosis and releasing old traumas and blockages was about to continue for the next few months. The goal was to show each other (more or less consciously) what no longer served us and needed to be healed - that we ourselves hadn’t noticed so far.

But in my eyes, instead of getting deeper, our relationship started taking a different path. Was there any chance for him to finally understand me? After all, I was completely alien to him, even unimportant. He had no idea what connected our hearts and souls. To make matters worse, I saw that it was going towards a romantic flirtation - which I absolutely didn’t want. For me, everything that I experienced on a spiritual level was so deep, beautiful, even sacred that shallow conversations with romance in the background were like dirtying some virgin space. Not that I didn't want to bring some romanticism into my life. On the contrary - I wanted it very much! But in this particular case, it didn't work. He was too important to me. His place was deep in my heart, at the core of my soul. I couldn't agree to insignificant games, or even worse - forget about him later on as if he was just a passing acquaintance. Besides, in order for me to be open to such kind of stories, I had to be sure that his feelings were as deep as mine. But they weren't… And I didn't want to be anyone's temporary toy either.

And here is where the plot thickens. The collision of two worlds - logical masculine thinking with feminine intuition. I unfortunately realized that we couldn’t meet on all levels, that each of us was completely different and we wanted other things to happen. We also didn’t have the same level of understanding regarding our soul connection. In addition, I still didn't feel comfortable in the three-dimensional, material reality, and he didn't want to connect to his soul - a fact that distanced us from each other even more. The romantic story in the background began to pull me down and take me far from my true self. It even suffocated me. I think he felt the same…

Furthermore, my guides began to push me to influence him somehow. It was the last moment for him to finally have a look inside him, contact his higher self, and start his inner work. That task was exhausting as well. I didn't want to participate in it, and to manipulate him even more. I wanted him to find his truth by himself and then think about what decision to make and what to do with his discovery. I wanted to help him, but I had a growing need to cut myself off from that whole situation. I realized that I was losing myself participating in it.

Apparently, we were not ready to follow the same path. And I think we both felt a kind of relief when we agreed to forget about any plans to meet live, or even more so - about our future together. Of course, each of us had completely different reasons to do so. The distance that separated us, and all the obstacles that were standing in our way, were impassable for the logical mind. It was easier to give up without fighting for it than to listen to our hearts and intuition... Staying in a safe bubble of our comfort zones seemed like a much better solution than turning everything upside down and starting from scratch. He definitely didn't want to change anything in his life. I wanted to, but I was too tired to follow the twin flame path alone. It wasn't just my story as he claimed, but OURS, and he had to take half of the responsibility in the end. I was able to continue working on myself, learning how to exist, and enjoy the three-dimensional reality without him. As I'd been doing so far... But I wasn’t able to do the job for both of us. It was too much for me, and it didn't make any sense since we weren't looking in the same direction.

However, the twin flame path never follows any logical rules. On the contrary... As soon as I cut myself energetically off of him and limited all contacts to a minimum, something shifted. There was a kind of sadness and a longing for his physical presence, but on the other hand an even greater joy for being faithful to myself, my own truth appeared in my heart. I felt a deep love for myself. And what followed - for him as well!

I started asking my guides what it was all about. Was it just a process of healing ourselves through mutual interactions that was going on at a fast speed then? Or maybe they expected something more from us? Did we have a common mission here on Earth? Was being together a part of our soul's plan? Or should we take two separate, individual paths and limit all contacts?

I can’t hide that after the first interactions with my twin, it seemed for me that we were so different and we had so little in common, that I stopped hoping that we would ever get along somehow in the earthly reality. However, while channeling, I was shown many times that we still have a common future and a lot to do together here on Earth. But I no longer wanted it to happen... I simply didn’t feel it anymore... The person I met in a human form didn’t resemble that luminous being that had been with me continuously for the last two years. There was not even a drop of this unconditional love I felt up there...

I also couldn't be myself when interacting with him. I didn't feel understood, I couldn't open up to him, we spoke two completely different languages. I didn't like all of that, I didn't like myself in that situation. What I experienced during our conversations was not mine... This relation, instead of helping me grow, somehow limited me, dragged me down. Existing in the same earthly space seemed impossible to me. I had the impression that he felt exactly the same, but probably for totally different reasons.

I knew what I wanted in my life and what I didn't accept. I didn’t make any compromises, even in my relationship with my twin. He also, what I really liked about him. So how could we meet in 3D? Could these two opposing energies somehow communicate? And the most important - for what reason??? I decided to connect with my higher self to finally get some concrete answers and tips on what to do next.

During self-hypnosis, I was presented with a rather unusual scene.

Suddenly I saw a cable. The most ordinary white cable in the world that I've seen thousands of times so far. Later on, I was shown that there were two smaller wires under the white sheath - one red and one blue. I immediately felt that the red one is me, while the blue one is my twin flame. But I still didn't understand what it was all about.

And then the explanation followed (channeled message):

- “You are two separate beings with different characters, talents, experiences, history, tasks, and roles to play in this lifetime. Like two opposite energies. Two wires - although they are the same in their core, if you try to mix them, there will be a short circuit, fire, maybe even explosion. They have to exist separately, so they will always follow two independent, unique paths.

But they have something in common - they both run in the same direction, side by side, shoulder to shoulder. They have the same goals, the same values. They want to pass a certain way from point A to point B. Seemingly each one separately, but still together. And to achieve it, they must learn to cooperate with each other. They must reach the same goal, at the same time, otherwise, there will be no electricity and the lamp which is at the end of the cable will never turn on."

- "But how can we achieve it when we are so different and we don't understand each other at all?" - I asked.

- “For this to happen, you need a total acceptance and respect for the other person's otherness, full freedom of speech, and expression of your thoughts and feelings. It doesn't matter if you live under the same roof or you are separated by thousands of kilometers. The principle is the same - you have to allow the other person to exist as a separate, free person and create a place for them where they can enjoy being their true selves. There is no need for any manipulation or control - you just have to trust in their capabilities and talents. If they feel loved and safe there, they will choose to follow the same direction by themselves. You have to let go of all expectations and chose unconditional love.

Besides, remember not to lose yourself in all this. On the contrary, each of you should be faithful to your goals, values, ​​and dreams. Self-love and self-respect as well as deepening your unique talents is an important key here. Follow the course that you have chosen consistently. Don't change just because the person which is next to you does something in a different way. It may not be yours and you will accidentally run into their trail and there will be a short circuit. Additionally, don’t be afraid of the differences between the two of you. On the soul level, at your core, you are equal. You are connected by unconditional love, and therefore you have the same values ​​in three-dimensional reality. Eventually, you will get to know each other and instead of crossing another person’s way, you will start supporting one another and taking the best advantage of your differences.

And when you decide to try to go from point A to point B together... Don't look back - let the past stay there where it belongs. Don't run too far ahead - what is about to happen, will happen. Be in the here and now and concentrate on the pace so that it is right for both of you. Always focus on your target so you don't lose sight of it.

However, every now and then, you have to peek aside and see if the other person is still running next to you. If so, it is a sign that you are indeed going in the right direction. When you see them, smile at them then and thank them for simply existing and willing to follow this path with you. Be thankful for those moments together.

If they’re not there, stop for a moment. See what has happened. Maybe you've been running too fast and they can't catch up with you. Also, check if they haven’t tripped and are not left behind. Perhaps they need your support or they want to rest for a moment. You may have to step back to give them a hand, help them stand up, and mobilize for action. But when they start running next to you again, let them get back on their own track and find the perfect speed for both of you.

On the other hand, if you lose sight of them and notice that they don’t need any help, check whether you are the person who has got lost and strayed from the previously chosen path.

It's called a partnership, cooperation, inspiring each other. You are running in different tracks, but still looking in the same direction. Hand in hand, but without competition and unhealthy rivalry. There is no jealousy or manipulation there. There are complete acceptance and support for each other. Because at the core of your existence, you are the same. You just have an individual form of expression and a different role in this lifetime. However, together you make a perfect wholeness. Like the two separate, opposing wires that create a cable - the perfect conditions for the flow of the energy - of unconditional love. Only by working together, cooperating, will you be able to reach your goal together and turn the light on."

Then, I was shown again the blue and red parts of the cable that hid under the white plastic sheath and became one. Despite the fact that I don’t know anything about cables, this picture together with its description seemed very accurate to me. Such a golden recipe for creating a healthy relationship. So different from what I experienced so far in my earthly life and observed in other people's interactions. But so much mine...

I thought again about my twin flame and started to wonder why we hadn't managed to go in the same direction and, what's worse, we both took a different path. We chose ourselves and were true to ourselves. It wasn’t bad. Maybe the energy between us cleared and the vibrations rose a lot, but the term "us" was no longer there. At least not in three-dimensional reality. We didn't run side by side in the same direction. Each wire went another way. I didn't even know where he was then. Were we both lost?

But the most amazing thing about the connection with my twin is, that every time I choose myself and my own happiness, following fully my heart and my intuition, I magically love him even more. And despite the fact that the idea of ​​creating a physical relationship with him was no longer in my head, I felt the same unconditional love for him that existed on the spiritual plane. And surprisingly... Reciprocated for the first time! I didn't hear from him, but the vibrations between us totally changed!

- "But what's that all about? After all, our paths have diverged probably forever!" - I said, surprised, having no idea what was going on - “Is it possible that these vibrations, these feelings really come from him? That he finally understood what really connects us and how deep it is?" - I kept wondering.

However, at the end of the day, my decision was a bit tiring. The logical mind rose to the fore and tried to make me feel guilty for choosing myself over "us".

- “But it was our joint decision! He himself told me clearly that we don’t have any future together! And we both feel good about that! It was just a false start, nothing more…”

- "Or maybe a union..." - I suddenly heard the voice of my higher self...

- "Union?!?" - I almost screamed.

No answer... Silence...

I felt that something had shifted in our vibrations once again. But what? I fell asleep with mixed feelings, but when I woke up, my heart was bursting with joy. I took my dog and I was running for two hours in the fields jumping and dancing at the same time. I should have been sad that I lost him again, and this time probably forever... But I felt so light as if I was actually flying high above the ground.

- “Have I found myself cutting my path off him? I should be sad but I’m so happy now!” - nothing, absolutely nothing made sense to me.

After a while, I got a message. I guessed it was he trying to contact me. I wanted to ignore it for a moment, but something made me pick up the phone.

- “I had a profound inner session yesterday…” - I saw the very beginning. I didn't have to read anything else. I felt in all my existence what had actually happened.

- "He did a self-hypnosis session! He knows! He got it! He has finally found the truth!" - I shouted to myself.

Everything was clear to me! It was the reason for these unearthly vibrations and joy in my heart. He realized who I am... He found himself...

Alexandra FreeSoul