The Divine Order of the Universe

Updated: May 15, 2021

The Divine Order of the Universe

During one of the workshops I participated in, I had a beautiful vision.

I unexpectedly saw I was a tiny flower, probably a field poppy. Hidden among other plants, grass, herbs moving rhythmically with the softly blowing wind. I let gusts of warm air introduce me to this magical dance for a while. I immersed myself in warm rays of the summer sun. It felt amazing, so peaceful, secure, joyful, I could even say blissful. I was totally present. I completely surrendered to the wind and the weather. And it was such a good feeling. Nothing else mattered at that moment... Just me and that beautiful place…

Then I moved away from the poppy and flew higher. I saw the whole meadow covered with wild, lush grass, decorated with thousands of colorful flowers. There was a forest near by. I realized that all the plants were dancing in the same rhythm. I felt one with nature, with everything that surrounded me and I knew that it all worked in a strictly defined order. I noticed that even bees that should fly chaotically, followed the same "dancing routine". Just like an orchestra consisting of different musical instruments that create one melody together. Like a team of dancers moving to its rhythm – each one in a different way, yet all of them perfectly in sync with the music. It was so amazing that I couldn't stop looking at it.

Then I moved to the edge of the forest. I saw myself in the body of a small butterfly sitting high, on the limb of one white-gray tree. I can't describe the beauty of that place seen through the eyes of such a tiny creature... It was like a scene from a magical fairy tale. I remember that vivid, lush greenery, small branches that had just released young leaves and golden rays of the sun passing through the high, thick branches of trees. Dancing sparks were visible in the glowing light - maybe tiny insects? Or dust? I didn't know but it looked as if somebody had thrown glitter from the sky. I had never seen the world from that perspective. I would have never expected that the planet seen through a butterfly’s eyes looked like a real paradise. I was flooded with love for everything that was created on Earth, and bliss combined with gratitude that I could see it and participate in it.

I saw these scenes three more times over and over. I felt that I had to remember the feelings and emotions that each of them arose in me.

At some point, my mind and the logical thinking disturbed the bliss of that beautiful and peaceful scene.

- "What if a mower comes and cuts all these plants? What will this little poppy feel then?" - I asked myself.

I immediately moved to the perspective of a small flower and I saw a huge, growling machine approaching me. It was strange but I didn't feel any fear. I was totally aware that everything was exactly as it should be. I completely surrendered to what was about to happen. After a while, I saw in slow motion the flower and the grass being cut into tiny pieces. The mower threw them into the air and it looked like a handful of confetti launched into the sky. I watched them falling down slowly, swirling slightly in the air. I can't forget the amazing joy poppy felt at that time. Up to now, that small plant could see the leaves of other plants and beams of the sun against the blue sky. At that moment it saw the whole meadow for a few seconds. I felt its gratitude and love for this world, for everything that surrounded it.

After that, pieces of the flower fell to the ground and lay there for days, weeks, maybe even months... Far away from the sun and colorful butterflies. After some time they merged with the earth and watched the world from the same perspective all the time. However, they didn’t feel regret. They were simply present and waited patiently for anything that might occur. They knew that it should be like that. They were happy!

Suddenly, a small seed fell on it. I felt the earth embracing, covering, and protecting it. The seed grew little tinny roots. The earth kept feeding it, caring for it, checking on its needs. I felt a wonderful, motherly love showering me and my eyes were filled with tears. I loved it like my own child! The seed germinated, grew a small, little plant, barely visible to the rest of the world. There was a thicket around it, and tall trees didn’t let any beam of the sun get to it through their branches. I started to worry whether it was too delicate to survive. However, it didn’t give up. I felt a great power hidden in such a small thing, maybe even greater than mature trees! They were simply there, tall and stable. They didn’t have to do anything, to fight for survival. I saw it’s young branches breaking through other plants to reach the light. It wanted to live so much... I was so proud of it. I realized that it was a part of me, that we were all one. One arose from another... One couldn’t exist without the other...

After a while, I moved away and saw the whole forest. I watched the tops of the trees. I noticed they were also dancing to the same rhythm as the flowers and the whole meadow. It was the same melody; the same wind gave them the rhythm. Everything was perfectly arranged and synchronized. Everything was exactly as it should be.

I noticed villages at a close distance. There were small clusters of houses visible on the ground. I approached them slightly and I saw people moving in all directions. They did it in exactly the same rhythm as the plants, and they didn't even know it! I kept flying higher and higher to be able to observe the whole Earth. From that perspective, I was shown the rotation of all beings living on it. I saw small sparks moving around the globe and leaving a trail of smoke behind them. I was observing only their movement. None of them collided. They run smoothly, in the same rhythm, perfectly harmonized! The movement of animals, birds, and people – it was all arranged in total harmony! I saw some sparks fading out and disappearing, but at the same time, new ones arose in another part of the planet. Nothing was lost, nothing disappeared, and everything was reborn. Every the smallest element and its existence had a higher purpose.

I started wondering what would happen when there were too many people in one place. A big city appeared in my mind and I saw all the sparks moving to one point.

-"Look!" - I heard and suddenly, I was moved to the desert, where there was almost no life. The balance was maintained – at some places, there were too many inhabitants, but in some other areas there was none. There, where war or poverty occurred, adults and children died, but at the same time, in some other countries, many new babies were born, there was overpopulation.

However, my mind didn’t give up. I realized that everything I saw was beautiful, human-friendly, just virgin nature. One event succeded another. We just knew it should be like that.

- "But what happens to everything that man created? All that plastic that will decay for centuries? So huge pollution and environmental degradation? This is not a local problem anymore, but unfortunately, a global issue. No new trees grow, no new animals are born. Every day new species become extinct and are gone forever, people get sick, forests disappear, the air pollution increases fast, drinking water is rare. Everything is slowly getting poisoned. Whyis it that people are totally destroying the planet?" - I asked in my mind.

- "Yes, they are, but see what happens." - I heard the answer.

I saw that a part of the Earth died; only sand and rocks were left. However, at a short distance from it, I noticed another, very similar planet. On the side where the sun could reach it, it had already begun to turn green, new life was created, new plants were growing. One planet was slowly dying, but another was born at the same time. Everything was in total harmony.

I felt amazing. Pure love for the whole universe flooded me, and tears of happiness run down my cheeks. It was the same love I felt before for that tiny plant, growing in the meadow. However, that time life was given to the whole planet. But what was that in comparison to the vastness of the entire universe? It was just another microscopic seed...

I had such an amazing feeling that everything was exactly as it should be. I was looking down at planets, stars, constellations. I couldn't get over how beautiful and wonderful the universe was. Every detail was perfectly designed. I realized that the world seen from that perspective didn’t differ much from the one seen through the eyes of a small, little butterfly. It was just as magical, full of peace and harmony as well…

Alexandra FreeSoul