Stay on Your Path (channeled)

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

“Try to find strength, hope, and peace within yourself and just stay on the path. It doesn’t matter how far you are from each other. Unconditional Love is ALWAYS there. While it connects Your Hearts it passes through all of the layers of the planet. It’s important! Don’t block it... It heals the Earth, it affects people and other beings. Unconditional Love is the best possible medicine.

Have faith.

Better days will come.”

Alexandra FreeSoul


To my TF...

Sorry for acting silly and immature sometimes.. and remember that I’m here for You, ALWAYS! Don’t give up, please... You’ve been through a lot but You’re stronger than You think! Stay on the path and have faith that everything is exactly as it should be. Because it is... Just be patient. Work has to be done first.

I love You Unconditionally... It can’t change... You’re my whole universe!

See You SOON!