Stillness Challenge

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Try to remain still and silent when your Twin Flame opens up energetically to your connection and you can feel his presence in every inch of your body... When your soul wants to jump out of the vehicle out of happiness and you try to force it to stay here on Earth...

This is a real challenge!

And when you have been already informed about the next trigger which is coming soon… And will push you to make another inner change... You feel that this is the final countdown... That in a few months you will probably have to face it, work on it, and eventually heal it. You are no longer safe in your comfort zone. The walls are shaking and collapsing... New earthly challenges are knocking on your door... They’re going to shake your life, again, you know it very well... But... after all you have been through, you are not afraid of them anymore. You are so happy and even impatient because you know how wonderful your reality will be from the moment you’ll let go of another dark part of yourself. You'll be free. You'll finally live your life to the fullest! Yeah!!!

Try to remain still then... when your soul wants to fly!!!

Challenges and triggers, welcome!!!

Stillness, sorry for now. I want to dive in my Twin’s energy for a moment because I’ve missed it so much!!!! We'll talk tomorrow…

Aleksandra FreeSoul