My twin flame is in another relationship (channeled)

Updated: May 15, 2021

My twin flame is in another relationship (channeled)

While walking along the path of twin flames you can face the fact that your twin decides to enter into another, karmic relationship.

Your reaction to this new reality can vary significantly, depending on the stage of the process you are currently in. As your ego slowly moves to the backside of your mind, your consciousness expands. You begin to understand how deep your spiritual connection is and how important they are for you as a person. During this phase, you can feel incredible pain in your heart, a sense of rejection, and you may often have the wrong impression that if they chose someone else, then you are not worth this special love. You feel that you have lost a part of yourself.

However, when you realize that it is not a romantic relationship, but a very important and difficult process, then greater understanding comes. You focus on yourself and reach a stage where your happiness no longer depends on the role your TF plays in your life. You continue wishing them the best, sending them love, supporting, and helping them with your positive thoughts. You can still hold a place for them in your heart and your life, but you know perfectly well that nothing happens without a reason and you are no longer trying to manipulate what the universe brings you.

During this process, different people may appear in the twins’ lives, and all of them have a special role to play. They never enter their lives accidentally.

Their main task is to free one or both twins from old traumas, programs, blockages that may be rooted in early childhood or even in previous incarnations. That person’s character, behavior, the way they treat others is a trigger for the twin to have a look at their life and their decisions. They show them what is no longer serving them, what they should heal in their inner world. Thanks to this, they will be able to work on it and find their inner peace, take their soul to the next level, achieve a union within themselves first, and later with the other twin.

In order for their souls to reunite, and for them to experience union at all levels, there must be nothing between twins that limits them in any way and lowers their vibrations.

Therefore, when you learn that your twin is in a different relationship, you must know that it is a lesson for them - maybe even a very important one! And they must go through it to free themselves from negative bonds of the past. The more they work on themselves, the sooner they will understand what they should heal. However, you cannot influence them in any way. It is their inner process and they should find the solution by themselves. Just observe the whole situation from the level of your heart and send them love when you feel they need it.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop the process, press the pause button in your life, and just wait for your twin to complete their lesson and come back to you. What is happening in their life is some kind of a reflection of your own current situation you’re in right now. You also need this event to happen.

If they are not ready for the union, neither are you.

You must know that it can be a lesson not only for them but also for you.

In most cases, the universe will let you know that your twin has decided to enter into another relationship. Even when you have no contact with them in three-dimensional reality, your higher self, spirit guides, your intuition will inform you about that. At the soul level, you are one. There are no secrets between you two. You can have symbolic dreams, visions, or direct insights indicating another person stepping between you and your twin. You can feel their feelings or even see snippets of events from their life! You will just know it...

There are many reasons why the universe will let you know about it, and it certainly doesn't happen to cause you more pain. Observe what this situation teaches you, what it shows you about yourself, what emotions it causes, what other, unknown, or forgotten aspects of yourself come to the surface. It can be a significant trigger to heal something very important in your own life, in your inner world...

Observe yourself, your feelings, your actions, your thoughts. It is important.

Take a good look at yourself and heal what is not serving you as well.

It is also the best way to understand what unites the two of you in depth- the unconditional love. You will quickly realize that despite all attempts to physically or emotionally detach yourself from your twin, you never really succeed.

Your love is selfless and boundless. Even when your twin rejects you, even if they try to hide in another karmic relationship, love will still unite you. You can’t change it or manipulate it in any way. You will never become indifferent. As they won’t. Your soul will never forget who you really are to each other and the subconscious mind will always remind you of it.

Also, remember that your twin flame is your perfect mirror image. By healing yourself, you also help them overcome the obstacles they have encountered on their path.

Therefore, the best you can do in this situation is to focus on yourself, on the mission your soul has chosen in this life, on your personal happiness, on finding yourself.

In order for the union between you to happen, you must first feel whole within yourself, in your own heart. You must feel happiness and fulfillment without your twin. Without anyone...

The union between twin flames is based on extremely high and pure vibrations. There is no place for dependence on other people or any negative emotions.

Just as you want your twin to enter your life in the best possible version of themselves, you need to become such an example for them as well.

Focus on yourself and don't worry about your twin. You both always have divine protection and guidance. Your connection at a soul level, as well as your earthly experiences, are scheduled by higher forces that know what they should do. If a third person appears between you two, it was meant to be like this. Have trust in the whole process. Look at the bigger picture. The universe will schedule to remind your twin of you when their lesson is over.

If you are in the early stages of TF journey, it may seem difficult to you, you can still have an inner battle with your ego, but try to keep your twin deep in your heart and support them as if they were just passing a difficult exam in their life. No matter how great their karmic relationship looks from the outside, in reality, it can turn out to be a very hard experience at the end. Once they learn the lesson, they will need your unconditional love to recover from it and to believe in true, healthy feelings and emotions again. Keep a place in your heart for them and keep this pure, unconditional love alive.

Although in the three-dimensional reality you may not have proof of this, be sure that their soul knows perfectly well who you are for them. If they listen to their heart, give voice to their intuition, they will feel how important you. as a person, are in their life. Subconsciously they already know that they won’t get this unconditional love from anyone else.

Have faith in the bigger plan of the universe. Everything was scheduled with a higher purpose.

Whatever you do, whatever decision you make, make sure you operate from the level of your heart, not your mind! Your mind can’t logically explain the unique connection between you and your twin. It can’t compare the events of your TF journey to any facts known from other karmic relationships. This is the only path of its kind and you can follow it listening only to your heart and your intuition. Only then will you find your own happiness...

Also, remember that unconditional love connecting the hearts of twin flames is an invisible bond that no one and nothing can break. Never!

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