Let Your Twin Heal You (channeled)

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

"You will never be able to fly up to the sky if you remain wounded and bound.

Check if there are any chains tying your wings first.

Then cut all the cords that hurt your heart and block the flow of unconditional love through it. Avoid all unhealthy situations and people that may distract you from following your path.

Listen ONLY to your heart... It knows which direction is right. It knows the destination…

And then, as you close your eyes, imagine that you can hide in your Twin’s arms. You’re safe there. This invisible, but so comforting and magical hug, will start healing Your heart. Just allow it.

And if you focus a little bit you can literally feel its warmth... You can sense it... It’s real...

It’s always there..."

I was once shown that Twin Flames are like two separate butterfly’s wings, which only when united can fly peacefully up the sky... Together, as one soul..

Alexandra FreeSoul