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Invisible guest

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

One of the most beautiful moments of the day (while in separation) is when my Twin Flame falls asleep. I can't know what he's going through in his daily life, but I can feel how his busy mind takes a break for a while, how his body relaxes while his worries are drifting away every night.

When he closes his eyes it starts to feel so peaceful and safe… His soul is free. It can travel back home and I can feel how happy it is. This is the time I can physically feel his presence in every inch of my body. It's impossible to describe this feeling - it's like diving in the ocean full of unconditional love. Total bliss… Sometimes it's so intense that I have a hard time returning to my daily duties and responsibilities. I just want to stay there... Forever...

And when I feel his soul leaving and this loving warmth pulling away, I want to catch him with my hands and hug him tightly in my arms. Unfortunately, his invisible body can't stay. It has to go back to his physical body which is waking up, to continue his story called "Life". It's passing through my fingers like smoke... It feels like trying to catch sparkling dust dancing with a beam of light in the air...

It feels like a part of me is suddenly missing... I can only hope to meet him again in my dream state. I wish to be there for him as he's here for me. Always…❤️

Alexandra FreeSoul

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