Intuition - vibration recognition - objects and animals (exercise)

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Imagine, that everything you see around you is just a projection... Concentration of energies that are transformed by our consciousness into a specific image, shape, smell, texture, etc.

Every person, animal, object, place has a completely different energy, and in this way - different vibrations.

Also, what we hear is an energy projection as well. All sounds, words, and music have a specific vibrational code.

Even what we can neither see nor hear has specific vibrations. An example of such invisible clusters of energy are thoughts, intentions, and downloads we can receive from other dimensions.

When you start working with energy, vibrations, and intuition, it is better to focus on what you can recognize using only your senses - sight, touch, smell, hearing, etc.

As you do your daily activities, you come across familiar and unfamiliar objects in front of you. Try to recognize their vibrations using your senses. You do not need to understand them. All you have to do is to focus on the emotions that arise inside you and the way your body reacts to them. Compare the vibrations…

For example, see how the vibrations of an old book in a library are different from the one you have just bought. Touch them both, smell them, close your eyes and try to feel what their story is. What kind of vibrations do a wild tree that grows in a meadow has and a flower planted on a shelf of a store? Touch them, smell them, observe them, feel them... Listen to the soul of these objects... Merge your own energy with their energy... Notice if they fit together...

The same goes for animals. Watch their movements, touch their fur. What are the vibrations of a cat living outdoors and a cat lying on a couch all day long? What vibrations do a wild bird and a city pigeon have? What vibrations do a chained dog and a puppy have that run freely in the house full of love and care? What are the vibrations of a deer that lives in a forest and the same deer that is in the zoo?

We also say that places have souls. It is true. When entering a room, park, forest, city, shop, office -going anywhere - stop for a few minutes. Take a look at buildings surrounding you, their architecture, their structure. Observe the details, the objects, the plants, the lighting, the people that are inside them. Feel its aroma, touch them, listen to the sounds they produce. Close your eyes and try to guess their story using emotions they evoke inside you (not your logic!!!). Feel what suits your own energy and what does not.

What are the vibrations of a forest and a town square? What are the vibrations of a real estate agency and a coffee shop? What vibrations the sea and the mountains have? If external stimuli affects you a lot, close your eyes and just FEEL the vibrations of that place. Observe how your body reacts to them and what emotions it causes you. Recognize if your heart chakra is expanding or contracting causing pain. How is your belly? Is it loose or tight?

It is important to do this exercise as often as possible during the day for quite a long time. This will turn the superficial and logical perception of your reality into an energetic - vibrational interpretation of the world.


• Do not judge. You just have to be an observer. Free yourself from all opinions about anything. Just watch the reality around you and yourself.

• During this exercise, try to turn your logical thinking off. Just use your senses and FEEL certain spaces, objects, animals.

• Watch how your body reacts to them - whether their presence relaxes you or they make you feel uncomfortable. If so, where exactly? Is there something you discover about yourself through this experience? What additional information does they want to convey to you?

• Close your eyes often and try to notice if there are other vibrations, sensations, emotions that you have not noticed before.

• It is good to have a notebook where you can describe all the feelings/sensations additional messages and downloads you receive, related to the specific object.

Good luck on the path to yourself!

Alexandra FreeSoul

Help with translation - Cristina Tsigdinou

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