I don't deserve my twin flame (channeled)

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I don't deserve my twin flame (channeled)

One of the biggest problems most twin flames face on this bumpy road is the feeling that they don't deserve their twin. It seems to them that what they have achieved so far in their lives, who they are, how they have behaved in the past towards the other person, is very little of what they would like or could offer them. Perhaps, they also listen to their fearful “ego”, which wants to convince them, that it is better for them to leave earlier, before their twin rejects them.

Being programmed for typical, romantic relationships where they love "for a certain reason" (for their appearance, character, social or economic status) they can’t properly handle this unconditional and so intense love.

Sometimes, they even try to prove to themselves that such love does not exist. They intentionally hurt their twin expecting that it’ll make them stop loving them. They can also run into another, karmic relationship to bury their own feelings, which they cannot control in any way. But nothing works. Fortunately...

Moving their consciousness from the level of their heart to the mind can temporarily block this love, but it will come to the surface at the first opportunity. They will never forget their twin flame. They will never stop loving them. The universe will constantly remind them of their twin until the process is completed.

The process itself is designed so that one twin can learn from the other. Through various interactions, they help each other grow, heal their old wounds, break the blockages, bonds, and programs. That's why they have to be different in three-dimensional reality! They must complement each other.

For this reason, comparing yourself to your twin flame makes absolutely no sense. YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOUR TWIN FLAME NEEDS RIGHT NOW! And you will always be! Your reactions reflect the stage at which your twin is and vice versa. Don’t forget it!

This is unconditional love. No matter what happens between the twins, they will always love each other. They know that whatever they face during the process, it happens for a reason!

So, where does the feeling that they don't deserve this love come from? That their twin is better and they are not enough for them?

We remind you that at the soul level you are one. Your vibrations are identical. There is no such thing as better or worse. It's one, exactly the same soul in two different bodies. They are called “twin flames” for a reason. The only thing that makes you different are your earthly experiences in the three-dimensional reality. How important is that? It’s a small drop in the ocean.

So, love yourself as much as you love your twin.

And remember - you deserve all the best!

This unconditional love as well!

Alexandra FreeSoul

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