Forgive Yourself (channeled)

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

During the twin flame journey, you will often have to face the feeling of guilt or other negative emotions. You may blame yourself, perhaps, for rejecting your twin, mistreating them, or telling them something you regret now. You may also blame yourself for not taking any action when your intuition was pushing you to go in a specific direction, for losing the opportunity that you had to approach them, or you finally accepted the whole process, however, you realized that your twin is in a new relationship.

All these emotions are human and there are times when you’ll have to experience them…

However, we remind you, that this is not a typical karmic relationship between two people. There are no rules, previously known to you, that may apply to this situation. You can't manipulate it. This is a process of healing each other and, whether you like it or not, the universe will constantly remind you to be back on your path.

Whatever you do, however you react to your twin, whatever your twin does to provoke you, it's never really about them. It's always about you, only!

All your reactions to your twin flame show you the exact way you treat yourself.

So, please, calm your logical mind for a moment. Take a look from the position of the observer, and see what this situation teaches you about yourself. Do you love yourself enough to accept the unconditional love your twin wants to offer you? Do you remember that you are worth all the wonders the Universe wants to give you? Do you undertake your inner work instead of fighting the process? Are you grateful to them for showing you parts of yourself you need to heal or you blame them for something? Do you listen to your intuition instead of your noisy, logical mind? Do you make decisions from the level of your heart or your ego? Do you remember that you are their teacher and therapist as well, and each of your "negative" reactions, in reality, shows them what to work on?

Forgive yourself.

Any action you are about to take on your twin flame path starts with self-acceptance, unconditional love, and forgiveness. All the emotions you carry on in your heart are exactly the same vibrations your twin receives from you. Replace everything that no longer serves you with positive, highly vibrational energies.

Pure, unconditional love always connects your hearts. Anything else you experience is just a part of the process. You both show each other what you need to heal, what to work on. Everything is just as it supposed to be!!!

Forgive yourself and love yourself with pure, unconditional love. You deserve it all. You have to heal yourself first and fill your heart with this love. Then you'll be able to share it consciously with your twin.

Be kind and loving to yourself! Your twin will feel these beautiful vibrations...

Aleksandra FreeSoul