Cutting the Cord (channeled)

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

"An attempt to cut off the invisible cord which connects both twins it’s like ripping your own heart out of your chest. It’s like killing your heart physically.

This is an incredibly painful experience, not only for the person who is trying to do it but also for the other twin who is currently feeling exactly the same pain tearing their heart.

By doing so, you are rejecting the greatest gift the universe has given you – the unconditional love that has united both of you... Love that others may only dream about.

We remind you that it was your own decision to separate and then find each other again by blindly following your heart. So don’t let your ego win. Fight for your own happiness.

By rejecting your twin flame you're actually rejecting yourself..."

I tried it once... I thought I was dying... And I know my Twin Flame tried that too... The pain was the same...

Alexandra FreeSoul