A short update…

Updated: May 15, 2021

Hello everyone!

I was guided to take a break and temporarily stop publishing channeled messages for twin flames. I was asked to help a specific group of twins through personal channeling and hypnosis sessions. I’ve also been going through many important changes at all levels in my life. Right now, I need time for myself to process everything and to keep my vibrations high.

It was at a turning point in our soul's growth. A few days ago, I was informed that we (me and my TF) had successfully accomplished our task on the spiritual plane, and we were finally able to unite and enter a "higher level of consciousness".

Many people think that for this to happen, we should leave our current bodies. I can't “logically” explain everything, but as you can see, it doesn’t work that way. We are multidimensional beings, and we can be in many places/planes/dimensions/timelines, etc at the same moment. There was also no need for closer interaction between me and my twin flame in 3D.

The only secret was to never give up on our unconditional love for each other, regardless of the circumstances, and to heal everything that was blocking the flow of this endless love... "The heart won over the mind. You are free now." - that’s what my guides told me.

I am aware that my logical mind can only grasp a small part of what is actually happening beyond the 3D illusion, especially when we're talking about dimensions much higher than the “reality” which we currently experience. All I know is that this is the most wonderful and peaceful place/state of being I could ever imagine :-) I am very happy about that, even though I feel a little bit overwhelmed now... I didn’t expect it to happen so fast and that way:-) But it's actually a good thing :-)

It was an amazing (and crazy!) experience to be so warmly welcomed to this new dimension and to see our soul family and guides celebrating our accomplishments. It's so weird to know who I truly am… But so powerful and liberating as well :-)

Just a few more "earthly" tasks, and I'm going back home! And it’s such a wonderful feeling! Now everything seems so simple, even insignificant... :-) After all that I've been through on my TF path and in general in my life, I feel calm now. We are free… as one united soul… and as two separate human beings/light beings/earth angels as well...

And that's a huge relief for me, probably for both of us! It seems we have done a really good job… Thank You, my dearest Twin Flame… It was a pleasure to be on this journey with You! I couldn’t imagine a better twin than You… You made me a better person… Without You, I wouldn’t have achieved anything… I’m really lucky to have You in my life…

And, of course, I’ll never stop loving You… It’s impossible! But I think they'll keep their promise and they'll let us experience having free will from now on… Since we have achieved our goal on a soul level, our TF dynamic is likely to change now. I feel quite emotional because I’ll absolutely miss feeling Your presence all the time... But I also feel that it’s a time to set You energetically free… Just do whatever makes You happy! Enjoy Your earthly experiences, live Your life to the fullest! Share love and light with others by Your very existence! I’ll always be there for You if You ever need me! See You at Home one day :-)

I feel quite tired and overwhelmed now because of everything that is happening at all levels of my existence... But I’ll be fine soon, and I know that it will be better than ever :-) I’m simply going to enjoy this life, finally…!!!! My guides promised me that from September everything would be much easier and… no more tears :-) Only from happiness! I hold on to their words :-)

But it’s not the end of my own journey yet. Right now, I am going through specific activations, and some changes are taking place in my body - one of the reasons is that I need to channel information and guidance from the source more efficiently and faster. It takes time, and I often feel exhausted because I can't handle so intense energies passing through my body. That’s why I need to rest even more now, relax, enjoy my time with my family, take care of my health to keep my vibrations high. It’s necessary to speed up the process.

So please be patient. If any of you need direct, channeled advice, feel free to send me your questions, and I will try to answer as soon as possible. I’ve been told that I’ll continue to help twin flames on their journey, but not only, and that's why I must organize my life a little better. Soon we’ll see what else my soul is planned to do in this lifetime :-)

I will also post the fifth part of my Twin Flame Diary within the next few days, so if you are interested, you can find it on my website.

I also want to thank You all for so many kind words, messages, comments, and the love You share with me! It’s a pleasure for me to be here for You and to be part of Your inner journey! Keep listening to Your intuition and let Your heart guide You! It’s that simple...

Sending You much love and light and hope to be back soon!

Alexandra Free Soul