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In this section, you will find articles, short channeled messages, and excerpts from previously conducted hypnosis sessions.

Some time ago, I was asked by my guides (during meditation) to share some of my life experiences, lessons that I went through, I got my own thoughts, downloads that I have received, and to create this blog.

The biggest, and also the most difficult, driving force of my awakening process was entering the path of twin flame journey. It pushed me to look deep inside my heart. I went through a total metamorphosis of both - everyday life and my inner world.


It has been a long process that literally forced me to stay in my own cocoon and heal all the aspects of myself before the caterpillar could become a totally free butterfly. That is why the topic of twin flames is most often discussed in this sequence.


I was also told that "twins" need every possible support to stay on their path, and it is especially important at times like this when we are entering the New Earth Era. They are of great significance for the healing of the Earth itself.

Other important elements you may find on this blog are downloads received during meditation, self-hypnosis, hypnosis, or channeling, that may have universal values and can be helpful to a larger group of people.

Have a nice reading!

*Due to the fact that English is not my native language, you may come across some errors in the texts. You can always inform me so I can correct them. Thank you in advance for understanding.

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